Corporate Social Responsibility

Specifically in the Education field. The directors of the Company believes that improving education is a critical area of investment for the betterment of society. It has been their consistent effort towards improving the quality of life by providing fundamental right and primary education to the underprivileged children. Keeping this in mind, The Company directs its CSR funds to 3 Schools in Aligarh run by “AL Noor Charitable society”.

It is due to their tireless effort that today approx. 5000 children belonging to the lowest strata of the society are being imparted modern education free of cost including the tuition fee, uniforms, mid day meal and study/ stationary material. The major focus is to promote education to the Girl Child.

Vocational training has been included as part of the curriculum which would ultimately ensure a livelihood to children in their future life. Mechanic, Carpentry and Electrical training have been identified as a priority for boys, while Sewing, Stitching, Make up artist and Handicrafts have been identified for girls. Computer based skills and essential communication skills are planned for all.

These initiatives have made a remarkable impact in the lives and careers of numerous children who are the next adult workforce in India. The Company also believes in empowering the women for a balanced growth of the society. It continuously sponsors programmes and activities to promote Women empowerment.

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