Nurturing Growth
since 23 years


Nurturing Growth for Last 23 Years

From California almonds import to menthol crystals and warehouse & logistics leasing, we are surely going to Nurture Growth in all directions and achieve our vision of adding nutritional values to lives.

Our vision at Agson Global is giving our consumers the best quality products, derivatives through operation excellency with energy, boldness and authority.

In our relentless pursuit towards sustainable development of the country, we have invested our resources towards educating the weaker sections of the society as we thoroughly believe that a strong nation can be built only on the strong foundation of educated and empowered society.
To be one of the country's largest importers, processor & distributors of health nuts as well as leading processor/ manufacturer of menthol & derivatives and warehouse leasing player.

Customer Commitment, Quality & Innovative.

We also support sustainable and safe methods of health nuts & menthol processing that reduce environmental degradation, maintain the productivity over time. We also support the economic viability of our employees and rural communities. Agson Global believes that education is the tool for creating an empowered, enlightened society capable of rising to its full potential. Availability of quality education for all classes is the way to ensure an equitable and just social system.


As a proud member of the Agson Global, one of the leading global players in the Almond & Mint business, Agson is steadily gaining new heights and polishing its business operations with a concurrent focus on sustainable development. We have also successfully forayed into diversified business categories such as Warehouse Leasing & Logistics.

In our relentless pursuit towards sustainable development of the country, we have invested our resources towards educating the weaker sections of the society as we thoroughly believe that a strong nation can be built only on the strong foundation of educated and empowered society.
Apresh Garg
Chairman & Managing Director

Apresh Garg, Chairman & Managing Director

Focused. Optimistic. Confident. Creative. Intuitive. Inspirational. Relationship- Builder. Risk-Taker. Indian by birth and spirit, global citizen at large. Mr Apresh Garg, Chairman & Managing Director, Agson Global, is all that and more. Mr. Garg hails from a prominent business family of Northern India with business history of more than five decades. He was in family business for 8 years before starting Agson Global.
As an active member of various industry bodies and forums, Mr. Garg represents Almond Board of California in India. He is also the President of Association of Agro Importers of India and Chairman Circle of USIBC ( US-India Business Council, Washington, D.C.). He has been an active member if US-India Business Council and is also leading Wholesale Traders Association of India. Under his dynamic leadership, and strong business acumen, he has successfully forayed into diversified business categories, garnering profits for the company.
Despite being a globetrotter, Mr. Garg devotes his time and resources for supporting and advising many social and philanthropic activities including Missionaries of Charity.

Monika Garg, Director

If Agson Global came into existence because of its chairman and Managing Director, Mr Apresh Garg, its diversification drive was exceptionally led by its Director, Mrs Monika Garg. Her pioneering efforts resulted in the opening of two different business domains: Logistics and Garment. She played a key role in the conceptualization and the accomplishment of these two divisions. Entire design and quality functions of new ventures were planned and put in place by her.
For a hassle-free day-to-day business operation, she chalked out a full proof mechanism that is assisting the entire Agson Global group to keep on progressing consistently from one stage to another.
From Agson Global’s evolution to diversification stage, her role appears quite crucial at every stage and she still promises to nurture this company from her sheer commitment, understanding and hard work.
Under her leadership, Agson Global, could expand its business successfully and its revenue increased multifold.
Over the years, Agson Global narrowed its trading focus on high value higher growth products & businesses.
  • Agson Global commenced its business operations with import/domestic purchase of Almonds, dry fruits and spices and sale largely in domestic market with some exports.
  • Over a period of 23 years, Agson Global has become the leading importer of Almonds.
  • Agson has become the largest importer of almonds commanding a staggering 20% share in the Indian almonds industry, making us the leader.
  • Having attained scale leadership in the core business, Agson Global diversified into other business activities. The three years from 2012 to 2015 saw the commissioning of three new businesses-from the drawing board to successful commercial commissioning.
  • Setting up a state of the art manufacturing plant to manufacture menthol crystals and various menthol derivatives in April 2013 and has stabilized well.
  • The company has got all required global certifications for menthol products such as ISO 22000, GMP, HACCP, KLBD, FDA, FSSAI and Drug License.
  • The second of our ensuing expansion was the integrated logistics park at Kundli, Distt sonepat, which also opened doors to commercial leasing in December 2014.

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23 Years of Excellence

23 Years of Excellence

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Performance Highlights

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